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  • Group coaching calls, brainstorming, masterminds.
  • Co-working (timings TBD)
  • A digital copy of the Big Blissness book
  • Digital Blissness planner (coming soon)
  • Personal feedback
  • Platform + community
  • Intended options for weekly 90min group calls:
    • Monday 2pm CEST / 8am NY / 8pm Bali;
    • Tuesday & Thursday 7:30pm CEST / 2:30pm NY;
    • Friday 12pm CEST / 6pm Bali)


  • Define and ideate what you will be doing and how
  • Get out of overwhelm/stuckness/confusion and into ease and flow
  • Gain clients and make things work
  • Feel connected to your spirit and creative power
  • Be supported by the beautiful group through the journey

Programs with a comparable amount of support and features are often valued at a few hundred euros per month, but we want to test a new gift-economy-spirited model. It is important for us to be an active participant in building a world with no pain or fear about money, where we all have access to the resources we need and use money with love for the good of everyone.

  • The base fee is 29€/month, which helps us cover some of the essential costs of running the program (this does not include a valuation of the hosts).
  • You have the freedom to contribute the full experience of the program at any time of the month according to your financial means and the value you receive. It can range from zero to anything you feel to be aligned.
  • If even the basic fee is too much for you at this moment and you do want to participate after the free trial, please reach out to us at
  • Please remember to sign up for the rest of the program before the trial expires (or get your regular membership right away).

We are looking forward to supporting you to bring your gifts and visions to the world!

With love 💗,
Hanna Kuikka and Bart Hoorweg