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Charlotte Billing: Coach & Candles

Sylvia Aleman: Magic Tales vintage kimonos

Charlotte Billing: Coach & Candles

Minna June: Floral crafts

Hanna Kuikka: Blissness Creation

If you, too, are passionate about growth and healing and living fully from the heart, here’s space for you. 

The purpose of everything you will find on Nowlicious is to help the heart-centered community live and work from the soul, from our true nature.


The whole society benefits from a single person healing and starting to do things out of desire, love, and creativity instead of need and avoidance of pain. The more we heal the more we are able to give back to the society in a deeply repairing and regenerating way.

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Regenerating the Inner Child

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Hey soul worker… it’s time for blissness.


Blissness Regen Retreat

16-20 April 2023
Ardennes, Belgium

5 days in a high-vibe nature location to support the creation of your regenerative biz, practice or project from the heart that aligns with a deep purpose.


The Nowlicious logo is a symbol for creative flow from the soul.

Following our deepest desires, it sets us on fire and calls for us to transform. It needs for us to grow, to sort through our past, and make space for our true selves to become more and more fully present in the now.
The road that follows our desires goes through many challenges, teaching us that everything that exists, exists for a reason. Our hurts and our difficulties are there for a reason, asking for us to pay loving attention. Welcoming it all with our arms open to the sky, and merging it all with our ever-growing love, brings about more and more stellar opportunities for the heart-warming creation of everything that truly lights us up.

If we are daring enough to deeply engage in the process, it has the power to root us deeper and deeper into the magic of who we truly are, beyond apparences.


Handmade vegan yoga bags

Organic cotton

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