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  • sophia

    October 16, 2023 at 11:52 am

    As my internet was painfully slow for the last days I only posted my gratitude on other platforms. Here are the posts 😁<div>

    Gratitude challenge day 22

    Today has been a day of a lot of magic. I followed intuitive impulses to do something that I never would have done if I had only used my rational mind. Everything flowed and was miraculously easy. People were there in the time and place I needed them with the things I needed. I’m so enjoying remembering a sign that came through a song, “first you think it’s impossible and then it’s done”, when I was in the process of trusting that I could do something I would have initially thought was impossible in the time frame I was working with – in this case get a functional knife so I could eat a melon I had set my heart on. (It was every bit as awesome as I’d imagined). Then this evening I gave someone a really good intuitive reading, the sort where someone is a bit shocked and laughing at the same time, and the crazy thing is I hadn’t set out to do a reading, but it happened that way? My life is full of what I consider proof of the miraculous and I think the thing that I’m most grateful for is that it doesn’t even surprise me anymore. 💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰

    Gratitude challenge day 23

    Today I’m grateful for the capacity I’ve developed to trust the aliveness in me even if my rational mind doesn’t understand that aliveness.

    Gratitude challenge day 24

    Thank you for sunrises

    Gratitude challenge day 25

    Thank you for olive trees

    Gratitude challenge day 26

    Today I’m grateful for the book No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz

    Gratitude challenge day 27

    Today I’m thankful again but in a fresh way for special friends, sunrises and the sea.