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  • sophia

    October 1, 2023 at 5:30 pm

    Today I’m grateful for fruit. All fruit really but I’m showing two that I appreciate a lot at my parents’ house. These figs grow semi-wild — birds spread the seeds and fig trees are more encouraged than planted — and it feels like so much abundance in fig season to eat more or less as many as I want, for free, and they’re the best I’ve ever tasted. Cherimoyas are soft and creamy and filling and I rarely find them in Germany so I have one every day here. I love them and I love having variety in the fruit I eat.

    Really even apples and oranges are a miracle but it’s easier not to take these for granted.

    I love how fruit makes me feel the basic generosity of the universe. They are just a gift from nature, taken without struggle. They feel like love.