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  • If you dream only of a life of leisure, you don't have dreams

    Posted by sophia on September 28, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    This would sow discord if I posted it on Facebook or other platforms but I figured you’d understand.

    I know some people imagine that if they had a whole bunch of money they’d just spend all their time lounging about on tropical islands, maybe do golf or fishing or hunting. And even without aiming for being multi-millionaires, a lot of people from the UK for instance go into well-paying jobs in order to retire early in Spain somewhere. (I’ve met some of these people in Spain and have a perhaps unfair amount of revulsion towards them as a group).

    The phrase came to me: If you dream only of a life of leisure, you don’t HAVE dreams. Not that leisure is bad or that most of us don’t need more of it. I want more tropical island time in my life. But I think people dream of excessive leisure as a reaction to believing they are forced to work. So leisure for them is a way of feeling their power against this force. And somewhere in that fight, they’ve gotten so disconnected from their souls that they have no connection to anything in them that’s truly incredible.

    I think us Blissness types understand how incredible it is to ride a flow of divine energy and to manifest something that is meant to exist in this world through our efforts. To feel our power to make life better for everyone.

    Something else annoyed me a while back. There was a meme that said: “Don’t include a job when you talk about what you dream of. No one dreams of labour”. It was an anti-capitalist page.

    I guess no one dreams of being a slave, and no one dreams of excessive or meaningless labour, but I feel sorry for these people for having completely forgotten what joyful free creative work feels like. And in particular I feel sorry for them because by believing that they don’t want to create, they’ve given up so much of their incredible power to break free of the capitalist system they rage against. Because accessing the part of you that LOVES to create and give is probably the most powerful way of creating abundance. I figure for myself and for many, our soul chooses not to manifest so much abundance until we’ve learnt this lesson. It’s not that we couldn’t manifest unconditional support — that IS one of the divine principles of the Universe, that support is ultimately unconditional — but if creating and giving is one of our greatest pleasures in life, what abundant life could lack it?? And if creating joyfully is our greatest tool to make money, why would your soul manifest it in some other way? I’ve learnt that manifestation usually takes the easiest, simplest, most believable path — if you can’t be bothered to make a cake, the universe might not make a cake drop out of the sky for you. (It might, but probably only if you genuinely WOULD make that effort for yourself).

    I think this irony — that people can’t break free of disempowering work because they’re resisting work and forgetting to dream of joyful giving — is an example I think of how focusing on what you don’t want brings you more of what you don’t want, and focusing on what you do want creates what you do want. I figure most of us could completely turn our lives around if we could redirect all our energy into positive visions rather than resisting what we don’t like. (The trick is that there is no trick — shifting energy takes work, so it’s not a “just think positively and it’ll all be magic” kind of thing — there is no “just” here, it’s work).

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