Want to follow your heart but don’t quite know how?

This book contains the guidance and the exercises needed for starting or expanding your heart-led business, project or practice.

“A revelation for anyone wanting to set up a soulful business."

All about coming alive as a fuller and fuller expression of your soul.


“Business, spirituality, healing, and emotional evolution all in one.” -Mikael, Therapist


For those aspiring to create or renew their soul-sourced business with a transformative and life-enhancing effect.

For those who want to follow their heart’s truth but find it hard to put into practical, aligned, well-working form.

And for those who are searching.

“I would like to tell those who think they are not yet ready and who don’t even know what they would like to do that this book is also for them! It’s a deep journey of self-discovery and idea-creation, and gives hope that there is a way.”
-Sonja, NVC practitione

Smart and soulful, with no uncomfortable sales and marketing

This book is a thorough guide for the deep healing journey of self-realisation by forming your soul-led business or practice.

From discovering your essence all the way to concretely creating a well-working business with sustainable income, we will travel to becoming your true You.

And I promise, you do NOT need to do any icky marketing to get clients!

All the answers will come from within you, so you get to DO YOU.

You have something amazing to offer and just need the right kind of support to figure it out and get it going.

This book is for you if you want to know:
– what to do or how
– how to gain clients
– how to heal the doubts
– how to get support
– how to make your true soul come alive

The single most dangerous hurdle us heart-centred people face, which risks derailing us, is doubt and outer influence.

“How will I ever be able to make enough money with this?”
“How can I get clients?”
“What am I supposed to do exactly?”
“Am I even qualified to do this?”

All the doubtful thoughts make us look for answers from the outside and believe in things we hear (like that you need to be on Facebook and Instagram, or that you need to charge high prices) but you know what? No-one knows better than you when you tap into your true soul guidance. There are SO many ways to build a successful transformational practice and all you need is to get to know what will work for YOU!

This book helps you plug deeply into your inner guidance and put your soul-led ideas into a coherent business structure.

You will be able to pick and choose the ways in which you really want to work so that it doesn’t even feel like work. You will not need to do anything that doesn’t feel completely aligned!

Your higher guidance always knows best, and with this book you’ll get to hear it and put it into pratice. 


“It is not only a book but an embodiment of how to live a joyful life with purpose on this beautiful planet.”
-Mascha, Integral Coach

“I’ve finally allowed myself to go freelance and it feels right in me. So in flow, finally, after so long. The book sort of broke me open. I have freelance work flowing in. Can’t actually believe it.”
-Carolina, Holistic Therapist

“It’s quite revolutionary that a business book is not just about marketing but also about self-discovery, consciousness and the deep inner work that are necessary for starting this type of a business.”
-Sonja, NVC Practitioner

Basically, this is what I want you to know: your inner guidance is RIGHT. As a society, we’re just not used to trusting it so deeply that we’d dare follow it exactly according to what it tells us. And because of our fear and our lack of practice, we may not even really be hearing it.

The Big Blissness book is all about how to make your blissness happen in practice according to your true soul guidance.

The first chapter helps you hear it, in the first place. There are a lot of insights and exercises here to get to know your truest self deeply enough to get rooted in. This is very important, because your true fulfilment comes from you doing you, but in order to do that you need to know who you is.


Co-creating with people for our souls to come fully alive in the concrete world is pretty much the best thing I know. Working with heart-driven entrepreneurs on getting connected to their essence; supporting the unwinding of their inner obstacles, fears and past wounds; creating websites, videos and visual branding, I love accompanying them to discover their light and bring it to the world. Often feeling like a midwife for the process of birthing our true selves and what we are here to do, my work is all about plugging into essence and making blissness happen from our powerful core.

Hanna Kuikka
Author of the Creativity Model
Founder of Nowlicious and Blissness Agency.


  • An inner journey to connect with what you are meant to do and externalise it in the real world
  • A structure for how to make it happen
  • Not just a philosophical book but also practical and tangible, bringing you to have concrete results
  • Guidance on how to be truthful with yourself by diving deep to the core of your being, looking at blind spots, releasing blocks and energizing your deepest dreams to come into action
  • Tons of profound knowledge on how to get your blissness going YOUR way

You’ve got a gift in you for the world.

“I wish I could have read this book 15 years ago, it would have saved me lots of wondering, struggles and pain in my process of my work as a coach and therapist and especially my work as a freelancer.”
-Mascha, Integral Coach

Just follow the steps and you WILL end up with a blissness.”-Jacqueline, Holistic Coach


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Make your soul work actually happen.

  • connect to the truth of what you are here to do
  • liberate from blocks and gain tools for deep healing
  • ideate and discover how to make it work
  • never need to worry about selling and ‘getting clients’
  • know what to do to make ‘follow your bliss’ actually happen

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